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동생에게 받은 답변(사업 조언) Reply from my brother (Business advice)

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현재 무엇을 할까 곰곰히 생각 중인데, 아이디어를 얻고자 여러 사람들에게 이메일을 보냈다. (가족과 친구들에게)

I am still thinking about what to do for the business, so to get more ideas I send a lot of e-mails. (to my family members and friends) More

새로드는 생각 New Thinking


요즘 현대가 내세우는 광고 캠페인 ‘새로운 생각, 새로운 가능성’ 그래 바로 이거야!!

‘New thinking, New possibilities’,The new ads banner from Korean car producer Hyundai that is which came in my mind yesterday night. More

천연화장품 Organic Cosmetics

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사업 관련하여 삼촌과 통화를 하였다.

I talked on the phone with my uncle concerning about the business. More

사업생각 Business Idea

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전에 삼촌이 독일 시장에 들여놓고 싶다던 ‘여울환’, 학교에서 우연히 만난 학생 (공부와 조그만한 사업 병행) ‘클레멘스’를 만나면서 다시 심각히 생각해 보고 있다.

The product ‘Yeoul Hwan’ that my uncle wanted to sell it here in German market came back in my mind and now I am seriously considering it again since More


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